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Racism on YouTube

The Racism on YouTube panel will take a hard look at the various struggles that black members of the YouTube community face each day. YouTube is an expansive, diverse community, but its foremost personalities largely fall under the white and Asian racial umbrellas. Only two of the site's top 100 personalities are black (DeStorm, Kingsley), and there's a significant drop-off after that. This panel will examine why it is that blacks struggle to contend with other races on the platform and also explore various issues that arise with racist commenters and detractors.


  1. Why do blacks generally struggle to rack up subscriber counts?
  2. Is there a double standard that exists in the YouTube community? Is there a racial divide that encourages blacks to tune into white/asian channels, and not visa versa?
  3. What can black personalities be doing to improve their presence in the community?
  4. What is the community of content creators like? Is it segregated, or do you feel a strong sense of community across various races?
  5. What do you do about racist commenters? Is there anything you can do? How do you respond to unjust criticism?



Chase Hoffberger, Staff Writer, The Daily Dot

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