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Conversations with Digital Natives - Teens talk

At conferences like this around the world, we hear from lots of experts about what digital natives do; how they think and how they view the future. I brought my daughter to one of those sessions and she kept saying "we don't do that." And that gave us the idea to create this session. SXSW is known for the place to hear and talk about all of the pressing tech issues of the day, but frequently we don’t get to hear from this generation of teens to understand how they feel about everything that’s happening. So, we’ll bring two with us and create a conversation with them, to hear first-hand what this generation, of teens, is doing, thinking and making. What are the trends they're seeing and what do they think the future holds? How do they feel about the pressing tech issues of the day? Do they share the same concerns of technology that older generations have? In addition, they will share video interviews with other students from their school, to show a broader range of thinking and opinion.




David Polinchock, Director of Marketing, AT&T

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