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SXSW Interactive 2013

Supersize Me: Social Business at Enterprise Scale

Social Business was clearly marketing's dish du jour in 2012, inspiring the creation of multiple consultancies, books, job titles and brand teams. But what was a plate for fine dining last year has become a taste for the masses in 2013, and confounded many along the way. As many brands seamlessly integrate social, these transitions can be uniquely consuming and challenging.

While each brand's social business evolution is different, the good news is that we can learn solid principles and practices we can from others' journeys. In this panel, we'll showcase four brands that have become adepts at navigating these waters, each in their own unique way. We'll meet the individuals leading these journeys and find out about their headaches, obstacles, successes and plans for the future. Please join us to hear how Aetna, AT&T, Radio Shack and Ford are all crafting their own social businesses, and what they recommend for guiding your own brand's evolution.

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  1. How can you manage a consistent front to social media when you have thousands of employees, each with their own voices? How can I use them to be an asset to my brand instead of a headache?
  2. How do you balance the demands of multiple brands and marketing departments demanding to use social channels? And how do you work with the filters of Legal and IT to get those messages out quickly?
  3. What metrics do you use to report your success to your superiors, and keep them on board with your progress? What do you report to other involved stakeholders?
  4. What tools do you use to manage your brands on social media, and how did you choose them? How much do they cost? How do you get the budget you need for them?
  5. How do your planning cycles work, and how far in advance are you planning for? And, how do you manage unexpected crises, product launches, customer complaints and other surprises while staying on target for success?


  • Eric Swayne, Director, Social Analytics and Insights, M/A/R/C Research
  • Carissa Carmanis O'Brien, Social Media Community & Content Director, Aetna
  • Blair Klein, Executive Director, Social, Digital & Emerging Communications, AT&T
  • Scott Monty, Global Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager, Ford Motor Company


Eric Swayne, Director, Social Analytics and Insights, M/A/R/C Research

Meta Information:

  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Entrepreneurialism and Business
  • Level: Intermediate
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