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Supersize Me: Social Business at Enterprise Scale

Social Business was clearly marketing's dish du jour in 2012, inspiring the creation of multiple consultancies, books, job titles and brand teams. But what was a plate for fine dining last year has become a taste for the masses in 2013, and confounded many along the way. As many brands seamlessly integrate social, these transitions can be uniquely consuming and challenging.

While each brand's social business evolution is different, the good news is that we can learn solid principles and practices we can from others' journeys. In this panel, we'll showcase four brands that have become adepts at navigating these waters, each in their own unique way. We'll meet the individuals leading these journeys and find out about their headaches, obstacles, successes and plans for the future. Please join us to hear how Aetna, AT&T, Radio Shack and Ford are all crafting their own social businesses, and what they recommend for guiding your own brand's evolution.

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Eric Swayne, Director, Social Analytics and Insights, M/A/R/C Research

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