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Collaborating through Data: Internet of Things 101

The Internet Of Things (IOT). What the heck does this mean?
Participants will find out by creating networked objects that feed data to an internet-based "data channel." We'll explore the quick-start way to take data from sensors and post it on an open-source, free service on the internet.
In many settings the ability to share data across the internet from local sources is a high-value topic. We'll build an example project, connect it with a server, and then look at some tools for expansion.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. To create a working project that feeds data to an internet-based service.
  2. To look at how to feed and pull data from an internet-based service.
  3. To build simple visualizations for data from an internet-based service.



Jeff Branson, Education Development Coordinator, SparkFun Electronics

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