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Hacking The Financial System With Intangibles

Capitalism is defined as a system economic and social organization where the factors of production are privately owned and controlled. Traditionally, factors of production are land, labor, and capital. In a modern technology enabled society, the factors of production are intangible assets such as social, creative, and intellectual capital. Intangible assets are, by definition, privately owned and controlled within each and everyone of us.

What if Capitalism, as we know it, could be hacked by a few simple mobile applications?

1. Curiosumé - Because The Resumé Must Die. An analog to digital converter for knowledge assets.

2. The WIKiD tools algorithm measures intangible assets into existence.

3. A cryptographic currency may then articulate intangibles in a parallel hedge economy.

We are told that corporations are people; but people can be corporations too if we simply reorganize ourselves.

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  1. Everyone knows that infinite consumption of scarce tangibles is a recipe for disaster. How can we build a sustainable economy underwritten by abundant intangibles? And how do we do it cheaply and easily in a way that everyone understands and accepts?
  2. The greatest fear in any major change of social organization is the chaos and volatility of the the transition period. How can we manage the transition to the new economy peacefully and sustainably while preserving all that is does work well in our communities and system of governance?
  3. There are so many amazing social organization innovations such as AirBnB, Uber, BitCoin, crowd funding, crowd sourcing, and tens of thousand more of everything P2P that are trying to emerge. How can all these amazing innovations integrate so that the output of one can become the input of another?
  4. People don't know what other people know. There is no central knowledge repository and match-engine for people to learn from, collaborate with, and teach each other in a community. Instead this information is sequestered within corporations and traded in the big data markets. This is a stunning omission from the public domain! WTF!?!?
  5. Global problems are so complex - I want to do something now, but I don't know where to start. Just give me an easy pill - what applications must I, the technologist, develop in order for the future to be safe and secure for my self, my family, community, my country, and our planet?



Daniel Robles, Director, The Ingenesist Project

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