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SXSW Interactive 2013

PR for Startups

Are you a startup that understands the power of PR, but isn’t sure how to harness it to work for your company? Or maybe you’re planning a pivot or launch but aren’t sure if or when you should engage a PR firm for help?

PR & Marketing industry veterans, Nicole Jordan (Radix Collective), Heather Meeker (TextPlus), Callie Miller (YogaGlo) and Emily Scherberth (Symphony PR & Marketing), will answer these questions and more at a panel discussion focused on PR for Startups. Having worked with Fortune 500 companies like Nike, Disney and General Motors, to high-profile technology companies like Google, Yahoo! and YouTube, and startups like BetterWorks, TextPlus, Thismoment, and YogaGlo, the panelists will share their expertise in crafting compelling messages, strategic media relations campaigns and PR staffing. Don’t miss this interactive panel discussion filled with great practical advice that you can apply to your startup right away!

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  1. How do I make sure my startup is positioned in a compelling and differentiated way?
  2. When should I hire a PR person/agency and what should I look for?
  3. At what point should I be contacting reporters to write about my startup? After funding? When I have enough registered users? When I close a big deal?
  4. What's the best way to approach reporters to get them to write about my startup?
  5. How should PR work with other internal teams such as marketing, product and sales?



Emily Scherberth, CEO/Founder, Symphony PR & Marketing, Inc.

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