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SXSW Interactive 2015

Why Brands Can't Afford To Ignore Millennials

Brands know they can’t afford to ignore the millennial female shopper. That’s all good, but there needs to be a new kind of marketing language and approach. If they want to reap the rewards of a loyal consumer AND brand advocate, they must treat this unique customer differently than generations past.

Grounded in the insights of Refinery29's first installment of the research study dubbed "Her Brain On Digital" and powered by years of expertise in engaging this audience, this discussion will look inside the mind of the millennial-minded woman. The learnings touch on everything from shopping habits and digital behaviors to the fascinating cycle of inspiration, exploration, and transaction. Marketers will benefit from tangible examples of how the power of digital has created a new breed of brand relevance and lust.

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  1. How can brands bridge the gap between online inspiration and actual purchases?
  2. How important is “webrooming,” and how can brands use it to their advantage without damaging the bottom line?
  3. What does it take to convert consumers before purchase during the increasingly crucial “preshopping” research phase?
  4. Millennials are more open to brand engagement than ever before — what are the tactics for developing that relationship in a meaningful way?
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Valerie Gayol, Director of Sales Development, Refinery29

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