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SXSW Music 2013

The Brand Called YOU: A New Take on an Old Theme

Your biggest selling point is you! To find success with your fans and target audience (management firms, venues, music supervisors, brand companies, sponsors, etc), you have to focus on a cohesive brand and brand story and be able to employ the resources at your disposal to build your online brand – the brand of you as an artist or a band. Hear from musicians, managers and indie record labels who have had success in this arena; they’ll share some of their secrets and exclusive tips through real stories and case studies.

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  1. So what exactly is your brand? It doesn’t mean selling out; its not the tickets or merch that you sell. It’s all about you.
  2. Why is building your own brand important?
  3. What are some steps that an artist should take when trying to build his or her online brand?
  4. What resources are the most important when building your online brand?
  5. What differentiates a successful?



Liz Leahy, CEO/Founder, Section 101

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