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SXSW Interactive 2015

Out on the field: LGBT pro athletes in 2015

2014 has been a landmark year for LGBT athletes.

“Out on the Field” will dive into the experience before, during, and after coming out for three pioneering athletes -- the NBA's Jason Collins, MLS' Robbie Rogers, and the US Women's National Soccer Team's Megan Rapinoe.

These three pioneers in the LGBT movement will discuss their personal experiences along with the trials and triumphs of playing the sports they love – and what changing conditions mean for other LGBT pro athletes and sports more widely.

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  1. You each chose a different path in coming out publicly. One through a blog post, another in a New York Times piece, and another three weeks before winning a gold medal. Why did you choose the path you took?
  2. The LGBT community is receiving more attention and acceptance than ever before, but the media attention that comes with it can at times be overwhelming. Did knowing that you would face more exposure than ever factor into your decision to come out?
  3. Has coming out made you a better athlete?
  4. How have your relationships with your teammates changed since coming out?
  5. When do you think the time will come when the American public sees a news story about an athlete coming out, and just shrugs?



Mike Foss, For The Win's Managing Editor, USA TODAY Sports

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  • Track: Sports
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