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Ninja Innovation: How Entrepreneurs Succeed

While the samurai class dominated the open battlefields of feudal Japan, it is the ninja – recruited from lowly houses, surviving by cunning and nimbleness – who capture modern imagination.

Innovation happens outside the castle. Those with vast holdings, whether land or market share, focus on defending what they have. It’s the upstarts who are probing for openings, avoiding detection and changing course in a flash when new opportunities arise.

As CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, I have worked with hundreds of the world’s most innovative tech companies. In this session, hear what I’ve learned about what breeds success and what leads to failure (including real-life examples) – and how failure today can lead to success tomorrow.

I’ve also seen firsthand how castle owners don’t always fight fair. From SOPA/PIPA to the push to force smartphone manufacturers to include FM radios in their handsets, learn what’s happening on the front lines of the fight for innovation.

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Derek Sarley, Consultant, Pinkston Group

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