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Where’s the Love for Brands on FB?

What motivates people to ‘like,’ ‘friend,’ or ‘circle,’ brands online and does that really reflect the true nature of their relationship? What does having a digital fanbase really mean and how can you build this in a holistic way? People like to interact with other people that they like, and this truth also extends to brands online. To that end, “Brand Endearment” is when a brand takes time it could be using to ‘sell’ and instead focuses on building a deeper emotional bond. This goodwill equity is something that can extend from traditional marketing tactics (sweet commercials), to an online community that creates a relationship where a ‘Like’ can really count for something. This panel will discuss the psychology behind connecting with people online and off, as well as highlight several case studies where this has been effectively achieved.

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Megan Madaris, Associate Account Director, Powell Communications

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