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SXSW Interactive 2015

The IoT is Garbage-How Big Data Will End Waste

Soon we'll have sensors that drive our cars for us and tell us which organic gluten free hummus is the best for Friday's dinner party, but It's 2014 and there are still products in your luggage that are made by 10 year olds out of stuff that causes cancer. That's about to change.

In the slums and garbage dumps of the poorest communities on the planet, there are people pairing waste with the web to create products that create jobs and clean up trash. They're measuring and uploading every inch of the supply chain from "ground to good", and in the process creating the most traceable, authentic products on the planet.

This is a session about how companies are using the Internet of Things to tag more than your photos, and how we can leverage our growing obsession with origin and story to clean up some of the dirtiest industries and places on the planet.

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  1. Why, 15 years into the new millennium, is it possible to order a taco by drone, but that products we use everyday are still made with slave labor out of stuff that causes cancer?
  2. Why do we care about which farm the organic free range chicken we order at a restaurant comes from, i.e. what is with our obsession over the origin of our products?
  3. Which companies and industries are awesome at leveraging their massive resources to do good, and which ones suck at it?
  4. How do sensors and big data make garbage and poor communities more valuable and viable?
  5. What does a future look like where the IoT is put to use pulling back the veil on where our products come from and how they come to us, and how can entrepreneurs and companies leverage that information to save the world?



Frank Macinsky, Director of Marketing, Thread

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