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SXSW Interactive 2015

Intelligent Fitness Tech - Why Your Playlist Sucks

Your playlist sucks. Don’t worry though – there is still hope! It’s a scientific fact that the body performs better with synchronized, intelligent music. Tailoring music content to data from the body through wearables can affect a consumer both physically and mentally during a workout. The combination of intelligent, synchronous music technology, wearable technology, digital health and real-time feedback is not only improving motivation / exercise outcomes, but paving the way for the future of exercise.

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  1. Why is music important, and how does it affect you when you workout?
  2. What is intelligent music technology and why is other music dumb?
  3. Why does your playlist suck?
  4. What are the emotional / physical benefits of training with intelligent music?
  5. What is being done now in the fitness tech market with intelligent music and what does the future hold?



Blair Williams, Marketing / Community Relations, Rock My World, Inc.

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