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SXSW Interactive 2015

Mobile Tech and the Retail Revolution

At a time when Cyber Monday threatens to overtake Black Friday and Amazon promises drone delivery, the traditional retailer is looking for new ways to entice footfall traffic in stores. You know – shopping that doesn’t involve a virtual basket or the 3-number security code on the back of your credit card.
Research shows that people are integrating their internet searches while in store so that they can find the best deals and get more information about the product. Mobile tech opens the door with new opportunities for retailers to reach out to their shoppers with anything from general product information to location-specific deals.
This session will look at the new ways retailers are leveraging the power of mobile to build a better customer experience.

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  1. What kind of retailers does this work for? is it just for fashion?
  2. What kind of customer experience can you have on their mobile devices?
  3. I understand what's in it for customers - how does this benefit the retailer?
  4. Do you think this will help drive foot traffic in stores?
  5. Can this be translated to work with other industries such as cinema or the food industry?



Rica Squires, PR Manager, Shazam

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  • Tags: retail, mobile
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Branding and Marketing
  • Level: Intermediate
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