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SXSW Music 2015

Working with doc filmmakers: BlackYayaYEAH

Music has always had a huge part in the success of film productions. From Elvis to Sugarman, films plays with notes and rhythms.
How musicians and filmmakers can work together so thath everyone is happy: the musician with his composition/lyrics that he can play and sel ; the filmmakers with their film soundtrack ?
David-Ivar aka Black Yaya, leader of the folk band Herman Dune, wrote 14 amazing songs for the documentary Chasing Bonnie & Clyde and will release his album in february 2015.
With the filmmaker Olivier Lambert, they explain how they work together, influence their creation process and in the end cheered their project.

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  1. Where does the creative process start? Music? Film? Topic? Archives?
  2. Why musicians and filmmaker should work creatively together more and better?
  3. Where does the musician can stand in the filmmaking process?
  4. How to content both creators: musician on one side, filmmaker on the other?
  5. What outcomes can you expect for such a collaborative process? For the project as a whole and for every part of the project?


  • Olivier Lambert, Co-founder, writer, director, producer, Lumento
  • David-Ivar Herman Dune, Songwriter, composer, artist, Yaya Tova


Olivier Lambert, Co-founder, writer, director, producer, Lumento

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  • Event: Music
  • Format: Dual
  • Track: How To/DIY
  • Level: Intermediate
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