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Smile: People Like Your Picture More Than Words

Friends are more likely to hit the Like Button if status updates include a photo; Tweets with pictures have a longer shelf life than those with text or links alone. Even news publishers report that the majority of page views happen in photo galleries. It's no wonder that images take up more of the web's pixels than they did 5 years ago -- or 5 months ago.

Consumers gravitate toward image content, so here’s how publishers and advertisers can respond:
1. Get Social: Pin it, Tweet it, post it – images are the currency of social sharing.
2. Create a Journey with Associated Content: Each photo can be a portal into a rich content experience -- if you connect the dots.
3. Pivot to Merchandise: Images are a gateway to some retail therapy.
4. Advertise: With the right targeting, making money doesn't need to be lame
5. Search: Why leave? Let images help you search.
Images have evolved and there’s no turning back. New opportunities abound, proving that the image is everything.

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Jody Kramer, Head of Communications, Luminate, Inc.

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