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HTML5 and the Mobile Browser Wars

There's a mobile browser war going on, and HTML5, despite being years away from full implementation, is playing an increasingly large role in mobile browsing and its future. But how? What role does it play? Which browser supports HTML5 the best? What capabilities can we expect from HTML5 browsing down the road? What will the mobile browser of the future look like and how will HTML5 help create a better browsing experience? And where do HTML5 apps come in?

This panel, moderated by CNET's Seth Rosenblatt (who has also confirmed he can make this panel), will feature executives from top mobile browsers including Opera, Skyfire and Dolphin Browser, as well as Douglas Schepers from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We’ll have own own little “browser war” on-stage, as the panelists will debate for their lives (ok, maybe just their pride) to prove why their browser will best the rest.




Darren Weiss, Account Executive, LaunchSquad

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