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Web Content Publishing with Drupal Eight

The New Power of Drupal Eight!
Drupal is used by, the Emmys, & the Grammys, the Governments of Georgia, New York, Australia, & more. It is currently cooking on a new Drupal release & you have GOT to see it!
Spend four hours with me as, together, we explore the power of Drupal 8!
The power to:
* Create rich content
* Manage that content intuitively
* Categorize content with Taxonomy
* Manage users & permissions
* Effectively manage & use media in content
* Build listing pages
* Control layouts responsively
* Create custom content types & add fields
* Manage dated posts
* Render data as a calendar
As a practical example we're going to build a highly functional, multi user blog site with a calendar for events. In so doing, we're going to touch on many of the fundamental strengths of Drupal. You can take these principles & apply them to your own projects.
When we're done, you will know, appreciate, & crave the awesome power of Drupal 8!




Doug Vann, President, Synaptic Blue Inc

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