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Are You Smarter Than an Algorithm?

Watson won on Jeopardy. Deep Thought beat Garry Kasparov at chess. Algorithms are everywhere. Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm drives almost everything you see. Google's success is based on algorithms – its original PageRank algorithm is arguably the most valuable in the history of man. Amazon and Netflix’s recommendation engines fuel their profitability and growth. There are countless other algorithms, ranging from those that guide what we see on YouTube, through to what's trending on Twitter, to what online ads you see or don't see.

Algorithms now govern the market and define whether you have a successful or unsuccessful campaign. Brands must respond to this reality. For now, these systems still lack deep intelligence and creativity, so conceptual creativity can outsmart the computational brute force of algorithms. If you beat the algorithms, you beat the market. If you don't, then you are at their mercy




Tony EFFIK, managing director, media connections, R/GA

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