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SXSW Interactive 2015

Breaking the BroCode - Tackling Brogrammer Culture

This session would be dedicated to those who feel as though there is not enough diversity in their companies or teams. There has been a shift in companies with start-up culture where offices are beginning to move from cubicle culture to mimicking colleges and fraternities. This culture can be off-putting to those who do not fit the mold (veteran in the field of not).

This session will be dedicated to ways to attack and address this cultural shift with focus on how to build better diversity programs within companies. Building a specific path and initiative dedicated to diversifying teams varies from building from the ground up, proposing ideas to upper management, proper recruiting techniques, improving company image and moral, redefining team dynamics and how to tackle various other levels of improvement.

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  1. How to do you deal with a being the only female / person of color / gender fluid / LGBTQ person on the team? Surely it cannot be a fully negative experience because you are the only (x) on the team. Why make a big deal if there isn't anything explicitly wrong?
  2. As a junior level, how do you bring up to senior level management or executive level management that there is a diversity problem to address? How do you make this problem applicable for an executive level team that is not diverse? As this problem is not directly related to revenue, how do we make people care?
  3. Diversity in tech seems to be a hot topic now. With companies as large as Google and Facebook making statements to improve the numbers of women in technical fields, why is it as important for smaller companies? Why do you think that companies are highlighting adding more women than they are focused on adding more people of color or diverse educational backgrounds? What value do companies hold in hiring more women but not in hiring (x)?
  4. Isn't this an HR problem? Why should engineering or other non-HR teams be concerned?
  5. I understand diversity is important for any team size but are you saying that we should have a quota of types of people? That doesn't seem fair. Jobs and positions should go to the best qualified candidate, if those happen to be men, why should we dilute talent pools with the less qualified? Teams should based based on fairly similar skill sets, not dictated by personal things.



Dominique DeGuzman, software engineer, Twilio

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  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Dual
  • Track: Diversity and Emerging Markets
  • Track 2
  • Level: Beginner
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