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SXSW Interactive 2013

Entertain Latinos Online - MiTú Network On YouTube

YouTube is increasingly a destination for entertainment but when it came to content for Latinos, one company wanted to create a more focused hub. MiTú is one of 15 YouTube networks focusing on Latino lifestyle content.
Founded by award winning TV producer Beatriz Acevedo in April of 2012, MiTú is a YouTube network changing the way content producers reach out to Latinos online. MiTú’s six verticals — beauty, food, health, family, home and pop cultura — contain content from amateur vloggers, Latino celebrities, and professionally produced shorts.
With more than 300 million views and a subscriber base pushing 1 million, MiTú is defining the ways in which Latinos consume online entertainment: English or Spanish? Celebrity or average Joe? Tutorials or series? Professional or amateur production? The way Latinos will consume content online in the future is being shaped daily on MiTú, join us to learn more about building a YouTube network designed for the burgeoning U.S. Latino audience.

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  1. What types of content do Latinos love the most on YouTube — tutorials, series, vlogs — and why? How can you leverage these content preferences for growth and brand collaboration?
  2. How does English, Spanish and bilingual content fare with online Latino U.S. audience? What are the differences and what how does this affect geography?
  3. Why did you focus the channel on Latino lifestyle, how did this allow you to interface with brands, and what would you have changed about this approach?
  4. How did you leverage your “traditional” media experience in TV to work on YouTube? What are the similarities and differences between content made for YouTube and content made for TV or movies?
  5. What do you think will be the future of made-for-online content, for Latinos, and in general? Is niche content like a Latino lifestyle network going to work the same as a TV network, or will it be different?



Sara Inés Calderón, Dir. of Social Media & Community Relations, MiTú Network

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