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Will Digital Kill The Radio Star?

Radio has long been called a dying medium. Statistics show that the listenership for Internet radio along with various digital music platforms are steadily increasing while those for traditional radio have been decreasing.

However, there are some exceptions, namely stations like NPR who have had a steady amount of listenership over the past 5 years. There is also a distinct attachment to radio the breakfast show host.

The radio industry seems to be lagging in truly embracing all the potential digital has to offer. We need to rethink the industry, but where do we begin? Millennials are currently the largest demographic. How do we get them excited about radio and make it cool?

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  1. How must radio managers change their content and format to head radio into the future and engage millennials?
  2. Digital has changed the way we consume music, but how has it changed other radio content?
  3. What will the definition of radio be 10 years from now and how can the industry prepare for it?
  4. Will the radio presenter become extinct?
  5. What is the radio equivalent of TV's second screen?



Priscillia Seelan, Radio Producer / Presenter, Texas State University

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