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Social Media + Diversity: The ROI for Brands

Within the next 5 years, multicultural consumers will drive 86% of the total spending growth in retail. Looking at future potential earnings without including these groups, will only address 10% of the growth opportunity; leaving money on the table. Racially diverse populations (Hispanic, Black, Asian, Native American and Muslim) have $3.2 trillion in buying power while LGBT buying power is currently $790 billion. It's important for brands and marketers to recognize and harness this immense potential. The best decision a brand can make is to embrace emerging markets within its marketing and business strategy. Social media allows brands and marketers to build communities and start conversations among emerging and diverse audiences in ways that were not possible before. The panel will focus on how brands and marketers can strategically create an inclusive, authentic community using social media in order to create loyal, life-long customers and brand advocates.

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Nailah Blades, CEO, The D+N Group

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