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After the Hackathon

Over the past three years, hackathons have spun up into a hurricane gale of headline and hype for the hacker culture we all know and love. Builders of every stripe flock to these events held for a double-rainbow of disparate themes from music to photos to video to hardware to education to art to games to payments to government to disaster relief. In tech hubs like Silicon Valley and New York, one can expect to see a hackathon hosted every weekend in the year - Gotham held one hackathon every weekend since January 6th, 2012

Has it been too much? Are hackathons still in touch with the hackers that attend them? Join the creators and organizers of Music Hack Day, Super Happy Dev House, Hacker Olympics and Hack n' Jill for an exploration into the buzz around hackathons and find out if the hype is dying out in the developer communities that fuel these special events.

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Joel Franusic, Developer Evangelist, Twilio

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