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SXSW Film 2015

Digital Distribution's Impact on Storytelling

Digital outlets don’t simply change the way audiences watch content. Media discovery has been revolutionized by outlets such as Netflix, Hulu, Roku, & Amazon Prime, completely changing the game for audiences – and for distributors. All previous strategies are now subject to reassessment, and across the industry the same questions are being asked: Is traditional film distribution no longer applicable? What will become of the “home video” and “theatrical” markets we know so well? Should a filmmaker be fluent in new digital strategies before even picking up a camera? Can digital exposure generate substantial revenue, or is the industry just giving away an all-you-can eat content buffet?

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  1. What is the revenue potential with digital distribution?
  2. How does digital distribution affect story development?
  3. Can your content generate substantial revenue if it's NOT on Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes?
  4. If you give away your film for FREE, can there still be monetization?
  5. Do we surrender to consumer pressure on how they want to consume their media, or do we still have some control & options over format, exhibition, & digital delivery methods?



Allen Chou, President, Passion River Films

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  • Tags: filmmaking, distribution
  • Event: Film
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  • Track: Content and Distribution
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