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The Greatest Geek Moment in History


Want to know what the greatest moment in geek history is? Of course you do!

Over several weeks prior to SXSW, CNET will ask its readers to submit their ideas (Einstein's theory of relativity? The debut of Star Wars? The launch of the Apple I? Invention of the Web browser?) and then vote in an NCAA basketball tournament-style bracket system to narrow the submissions down.

It can be about computers, science, great inventions, or whatever, we don't care, as long as it excites geeks!

At SXSW, we will have a panel of writers and culturally-savvy geeks who will discuss what makes a great geek moment, why some are better than others, and ultimately, why the best idea is better than those that almost made it. It will be a fun, engaging, and entertaining session where we'll talk science, computers, geek history, and much more.

During the session, we'll unveil the ultimate winner, the moment that was voted the Greatest Geek Moment in History by thousands of people just like you.

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  1. What is a great geek moment? Does it have to be about computers? Or can it be about anything that engages geeks, nerds, Web junkies, computer freaks, science fans, and others. If you're at SXSW Interactive, we're looking at you.
  2. What was a bigger moment? The debut of Star Wars on May 25, 1977, or the unveiling of the Apple I? Was it Einstein's theory of relativity, or the invention of the wheel? Or could it be something else altogether? When you come to our session, you'll find out the final answer, and learn what makes a truly great geek moment.
  3. What are geeks interested in? We don't claim to have the definitive answer, but thanks to the interaction with thousands of CNET readers, we'll have a good sense of the kinds of things that people just like you consider to be important moments in the history of the kinds of things geeks are interested in. We aim to be all-inclusive, but voting will reveal all. And we'll leave plenty of room for attendees to weigh in on what they think we missed.
  4. What *is* the Greatest Moment in Geek History? After an exhaustive process during which CNET readers will submit their ideas, and then vote on them, we'll narrow hundreds of ideas down to an elite Final Four. At at SXSW, we'll be able to unveil the final winner, even as we lead an engaging session on why some moments are greater than others, even ones that changed the course of history.
  5. Can a geek moment become legendary immediately? Or does it have to stand the test of time? We'll discuss some of the amazing things that have happened in the last couple of years and hold them up against others that took place decades ago.



Daniel Terdiman, Senior Writer, CNET News

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