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Distribution or Death: How Publishers Can Survive

The last decade has seen the death of more than 14 US metropolitan dailies and a 30 percent decrease in magazine advertisements. Scholars and skeptics have attributed print media’s fall on the pervasive availability of online news, classified revenues going to Craigslist, and outdated business models. Few have focused on the gradual erosion of the information distribution platform that print media once controlled. It was their role as the conduit between content source and consumer that allowed them to be profitable in the first place. Publishers have been losing control of the distribution of their own content - and as a result the quality of that information is suffering. Whether they fortress their content with a paywall or set it loose on social media via integrated reading apps, the conduit of distribution has become muddled. The relationship between the organization and the consumer has been severed, but will technology save or destroy the information distribution platform?

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  1. Is content publishing truly dying and what role does content distribution play in the equation?
  2. Should publishers limit the access social networks have to their content?
  3. Is there a way for social media distribution channels and publishers to monetize together?
  4. How has the social media distribution model changed the quality of the editorial that's produced?
  5. Do consumers even care where the content comes from or has news content become ubiquitous? Is it possible to change this?



Colleen McMillen , Director of Public Relations , Livefyre

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