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SXSW Music 2013

Who's Ripping Me Off Now?

In June, a blog post by musician David Lowery set off a firestorm. Written to an intern at NPR who admitted to not having paid for the 11,000 tracks in her collection, the post generated more than a million views in just one week and numerous media stories.

In its wake, musicians, fans and the industry were all re-evaluating long held beliefs. Who is "the man" today? Can the Internet be both innovative and ethical? Who speaks for the artists? And what obligation does the fan have to his or her favorite artists (if any).

Join David Lowery, Cake's John McCrea and experts from music and tech policy as they try to answer these timely and controversial questions.

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  1. Is the new boss (tech) worse than the old boss (labels)?
  2. What policy changes need to be considered to make the internet fairer for music creators
  3. Can artists make a living without making money from recordings?
  4. Who's profiting from Spotify?
  5. What obligation does the music fan have (if any) to the music creator?



Daryl Friedman, Chief Advocacy & Industry Relations Officer, The Recording Academy (GRAMMYs)

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