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IoT: Endless Possibilities, Real World Questions

All around us, sensor-enabled ‘things’ and beacons are beginning to come online, reaching out to connect and exchange information -- precursors to a much larger and more complex framework that most consider the ultimate promise of the IoT. Connecting, interacting, sharing, storing, and over time perhaps learning and predicting based on our habits, behaviors, location, preferences, purchases, and more. Intriguing and exciting? Certainly. Complex to achieve? Incredibly so. In this illuminating discussion, Joe Burton, EVP and CTO of Plantronics, will take a look under the hood of the still nascent IoT as it is coalescing; what it is today, some possible directions on where it can go and what it might ultimately look like, major questions that this new framework raises, the role of wearable tech, and the technology gaps pending that must be resolved to achieve a cohesive, secure, scalable, and beneficial network of ‘things’.

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  1. What are the technologies that are shaping the nascent IoT?
  2. What different possible ‘flavors’ might comprise the IoT and what are the ingredients needed for those flavors to take hold?
  3. What are the options for leveraging current frameworks?
  4. What are some of the protocols, policies, processes, technologies and architecture that need to be considered or still developed to create a robust IoT framework?
  5. What are some of the issues associated with the IoT and data transfer, information ownership, data value, privacy, security, and more?


  • Joe Burton, Executive Vice President, Products, Technology & Strategy and CTO, Plantronics


Ellen Cronin, Lead Account Executive, InterFace Partners

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