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SXSWedu 2015

Love to Read. Learn to Read. Read to Learn.

Reading is a cornerstone skill required for success in nearly every academic endeavor and develops throughout a young person's life beginning in early childhood. This session presents innovative technologies to help students:
Love to Read – through shared reading experiences that offer an introduction to early reading skills.
Learn to Read – by developing and guiding fluent reading practices.
Read to Learn – by supporting close, analytical reading skills to derive meaning from text.

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  1. How can we capitalize on new multimedia platforms to guide reading through all stages of life? How can we combine the features of these platforms with research-proven methods to support developing readers?
  2. How can mobile technologies change the landscape of how reading skills develop over time? What are the features that make mobile particularly advantageous for transforming literacy education?
  3. What is the role of technology in reducing the achievement gap caused by poor literacy early in life? How can we leverage innovative technologies to ensure all readers have access to high-quality instruction at each stage of development?



Jennifer Sabourin, Research Scientist, SAS Curriculum Pathways

Meta Information:

  • Tags: technology
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Future15
  • Track: Achievement Gaps & Educational Equality
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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