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SXSW Interactive 2013

Disrupting Dinner: FoodTrucks, Top Chefs & Yo Mama

Mobile is revolutionizing food culture, from soup to Korean Tacos. And we’re not just talking about tweeted photos of pork flavored ice cream.
Mobile is the social location-based foundation of the “food truck economy;” of Jamie Oliver’s tutorials and recipes on your iPad; and of meal planning apps that impact what moms put on the table. The smartphone is now a part of everyone’s diet. We are democratizing once haughty meals with photo sharing, creating opportunities for entrepreneur chefs in need of real estate, and driving diners to previously uncharted 5-star dives. And society is only on the first course.
Mobile and tablet adoption have passed the tipping point, and the table is set to dramatically change how/where/what we eat. Devices impact the taste buds and waistlines of our country, and our appetite for fresh, local foods. Disrupting Dinner goes in-depth to examine how we cook, shop, and dine out according to what our phones tell us.

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  1. Why is mobile the cornerstone of the “food truck economy?”
  2. How are celebrity chefs using mobile to reach the masses and change what we eat?
  3. What tidal changes are being caused by millennial moms adapting their meal planning and how it will affect America?
  4. How will the convergence of food culture and technology, and especially the influence of millennial moms, cause a seismic shift in food vendors like grocery stores and restaurants?
  5. How has haute cuisine been democratized by mobile activities like photo sharing?



Dave Heinzinger, Director of Communications, inMarket LLC

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  • Event: Interactive
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  • Track: Culture and Entertainment
  • Level: Intermediate
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