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SXSW Interactive 2015

Prototyping for the (emerging tech) win

Beacons, wearables and sensors present new challenges for innovation agencies and product companies. As you're creating experiences for people with emerging technology, often the technology doesn't exist yet or your users are unfamiliar with it.

In this talk, experts from Mutual Mobile, PushStart and Wearable Experiments will explore how to effectively prototype emerging tech ideas to create foolproof products that consumers will find useful, usable and desirable. We’ll also provide tips and real-world examples of how to get to market quickly, including how the new We:eX Alert Shirt went from concept to market, delivering 4,500 jerseys, in just over three months.

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  1. How do you come up with a completely original idea? Is there even such a thing as a completely original idea?
  2. What are common challenges when creating emerging tech experiences and products? How do you take something from an idea to a prototype to an actual product?
  3. How do you convince someone they want something that does not yet exist?
  4. What advice should brands heed when creating emerging tech experiences?
  5. What processes for driving product innovation are proven and work well?



Zach Redler, Senior Director, Marketing, Mutual Mobile

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