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SXSW Film 2015

Story Branding: How to Become an Auteur

What do Wes Anderson, Lil' John and Robert DeNiro have in common? They've all got a signature, whether it's pastels, "YEAH" or playing a mob member. Want to be a go-to-guy too? Using precedents from modern day auteurs, "Story Branding" will give you the visual, writing, and performance branding know-how to develop your signature style as a screenwriter, cinematographer, or actor, and give you the tools to promote your brand without being pigeonholed.

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  1. Who is the best-branded director, artist or actor out there today? Why?
  2. Is it possible to 'brand' without 'typecasting'? For creative professionals moving in multiple directions, how can they build their brand without being tied to one single talent or style?
  3. What's the most off-putting signature style you've seen? What are the consequences of obnoxious branding?
  4. Name 3 new, effective social media platforms or tools that people need to start integrating into their marketing campaigns today.
  5. For people behind the camera (DPs, Directors...), how do we 'brand' ourselves when we're not working? Does our brand only exist on screen?



Abigail Levner, Acquisitions and Marketing Coordinator, Passion River Films

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