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How & Why To Travel Around The World

Do you dream of traveling around the world? Do you believe that you must be rich or sell a company before you can travel in search of adventure, freedom and opportunity?

At the age of 26, social entrepreneur Andy Stoll set out on what became a 4-year solo trip around-the-world through 40 countries on 5 continents. His belief was that if he wanted to “change the world,” he better first understand how it works.

During his travels he handed out micro-loans in China; played a 19th Century British soldier in a Bollywood movie; worked in a dress factory in Bangkok for 60 cents an hour and cooked apple pie on Armenian national television. He lived the life of a maize farmer in Zambia; a Buddhist monk in Korea and a cowboy in the Australian Outback.

In this session, you will learn how you can turn your travel dreams into reality today, including tips on budgeting, gear, getting in with the locals and a secret “tip” that might allow you to leave next week, for little to no money.

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Andy Stoll, media producer/social entrepreneur, Seed Here

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