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Secret is Out! Distributors Reveal Their Numbers

What are the components for a successful Home Video distribution release? What titles work best for us in the DVD and VOD marketplace? What sort of deliverables and costs can you expect from a Netflix sale? What are unit and return numbers like from Wal Mart and Redbox? We are here to let filmmakers know the deep discussions and methods we go through after acquiring a title and most importantly let the audience in on our most terrifying question, how much money can my movie make?

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  1. How much money can my movie make?
  2. What sort of costs are realistically associated with a Home Video/VOD release?
  3. What are the secret tips and tricks to get my film noticed on VOD and DVD for higher sales value?
  4. What does a deal look like with major companies like Wal Mart, Redbox, Netflix, etc?
  5. What is the stability of the Home Video marketplace and is there still room for indies to thrive?



Mat Levy, Senior Director of Sales and Acquisitions, Passion River Films

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