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Quest to Learn: 7 Years Later


In 2007, a team of designers and educators set out to build a public school based on the principles of games and game design. As the world’s first game-like school, Quest to Learn has challenged the New York City public school system with an innovative model that puts student engagement, design thinking, and failure and iteration at the center of learning. Join the founders of Quest to Learn as they share insights, reflections and lessons learned, and explore possibilities for the future.

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  1. What are practical, proven strategies to support innovation and change within a school?
  2. How can you identify key leverage points within a system to create change?
  3. What are the best practices for adapting, iterating, and remixing as an idea moves from vision to implementation and is adopted by a diverse group of community members and stakeholders?



Ilena Parker, Sr Communications Manager, Institute of Play

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  • Tags: leadership
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel Discussion
  • Track: Gaming & Virtual Learning
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  • Level: Basic Understanding

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