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SXSW Interactive 2015

Creepy or cool: Privacy risks & social norms

Technology is allowing us to connect and communicate in new and fascinating ways – but, this also challenges traditional social norms. We are literally, as a society, trying to figure out the new normal for the Digital Age. Online dating, social networking, ubiquitous computing, and the digitization of our offline selves is creating ample opportunities for businesses to innovate and provide cool new services and products. But by doing so, businesses also open themselves up to tremendous privacy risk. New services can be considered creepy or invasive, often producing negative headlines, lawsuits and regulatory attention. Plus, businesses and consumers don’t know something is creepy until after the fact—and what seems creepy now may not be so in the near future. So how do businesses predict what privacy issues might come out of new technological services or decide that what seems creepy now won’t be eventually?

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  1. How do businesses predict what privacy issues might come out of new technological services?
  2. How can companies gauge if new technology will be viewed as creepy or not?
  3. What are examples of businesses successfully navigating the creepy/cool privacy line, and what are some failures?
  4. How do businesses craft their message and manage consumers’ privacy expectations of their product or service?
  5. What are some privacy best practices that companies can implement into their service or product?



Randee Jensen, AAE, Edelman

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