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SXSW Film 2013

The coming convergence of film, music, and eBooks

As theatrical becomes more difficult for independent filmmakers, the growth in eBooks is exploding - last year, Kindle book sales surpassed those of paperback books on Amazon. And as tablets evolve, the eBook is also evolving to include multimedia and interactivity, such as music, video, javascript, and more. We'll look at what extent it currently makes sense for filmmakers to organize elements of their existing film and musical works and put them into an eBook (lyrics, script, film clips, sound snippets, etc.), and if trends point to whether film and music will morph into eBooks (where an eBook carries an entire film or album within it). Finally, this panel will teach attendees how to convert and format an eBook, as well as everything they need to get started with embedding multimedia content (including shooting video, editing, uploading, and metadata). Alt title: How to include music and film in an eBook

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  1. Why should filmmakers distribute their content in an eBook?
  2. Should authors include multimedia in an eBook?
  3. What technical knowledge is necessary to include multimedia content in an eBook?
  4. Are there any limitations to the type, length, format, and distribution platforms when including multimedia?
  5. How can you promote your multimedia eBook so it's discoverable in the marketplace?



Brian Felsen, President, CD Baby / FilmBaby / HostBaby / BookBaby

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