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SXSW Interactive 2015

Identities of Things Group: Paving the Way for IoT

There’s a ton of promise in “smart everything.” However, the convergence of technology and sheer proliferation of data being gathered by sensors, cameras and other networked devices are making the road to the Internet of Things (IoT) a bumpy one. Today, there are no overarching frameworks that support broad authentication or data management, fueling serious data privacy and security concerns. Further, there’s no “DNS-like” framework that maps object identities, so things can effectively communicate and work with each other. In order for IoT to realize its promise, we must differentiate between people and objects, putting standards and structures in place that maximize the use of networked data, while guarding against abuse. Learn how the Identities of Things Group is working with industry to assess the IoT Landscape and develop harmonized frameworks that will help enable the Internet of Things. Find out how to get involved in defining an IoT future where PEOPLE matter most!

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  1. As we move toward an Internet of Things (IoT), what happens as online and real-world objects (people included) become interconnected through sensor and device-enabled networks?
  2. How do different IoT protocols currently interact with each other and what issues do developers, entrepreneurs, and makers commonly encounter?
  3. Should people be viewed the same way as “objects?” How can we create an appropriate authorization framework that distinguishes personal from other object-related data that is collected and managed through sensor and device- enabled networks?
  4. How will the Identities of Things Group address the challenge of establishing a “harmonized framework” for the Internet of Things, connecting and protecting a diverse array of people and things?
  5. What are the steps to creating an overarching framework for object Identity Management? Who should be involved? Can I (or my organization) participate?



Leigh Durst, Strategist/Organizer, IEEE

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  • Event: Interactive
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