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SXSW Interactive 2015

Mixed Reality Habitats: The New Wired Frontier

What happens when the world as we know it combines with virtual reality, streams of content, personal data, sensors, cameras and implantable or wearable devices? People will experience the world within a wired habitat, where computers mediate our perceptions of reality, objects talk to each other and experiences are hyper-customized based on carefully assembled, personal datasets. On the web of the future, Main Street won’t look the same to everyone. Mixed reality will revolutionize the world as we know it, creating an augmented dimension within which people live, work, communicate, collaborate, build, buy and sell. Without question, this pervasive environment will radically alter how we view people, environments, objects and illusion. However, with the unprecedented possibilities come obvious and not-so-obvious risks and threats. As mixed reality converges with life as we know it, how can it be structured to best serve humanity without jeopardizing all we hold dear?

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  1. What is a "wired” or mixed-reality habitat? What is VAPOR? Is this the same as ubiquitous computing?
  2. How will mixed reality combine with the traditional environment and "projected illusions" to transform and customize our experiences in daily life?
  3. What are the benefits of a mixed reality life? With mobile web access, are we enjoying some of these benefits today and how will more immersive and ergonomic environments revolutionize life as we know it today?
  4. What are some practical examples that show how mixed-reality environments are leveraged today? How how will they be accessed in the future? Will they be pervasive, or will we “unplug” to enjoy “analog” time.
  5. What are some of the inherent risks to health, privacy, security? Can we anticipate and build-around these risks, or will we have to learn by trial and error? How do we safeguard the future to protect all we hold dear?



Leigh Durst, Strategist/Consultant, IEEE

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