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SXSW Music 2015

New Ways for Artists to Make Money

Come debate the newest music monetization platforms, including the big platforms such as BandPage, Spotify and SoundCloud, to emerging models such as freemium, downstream and fan segmentation. Hany Nada, a top investor in music startups, will discuss ways artists can combine monetization methods to generate optimum revenues. Find out how to take a “whales, dolphins, and minnows” approach to monetization, using free recorded music to reel in minnows (a large fan base), and then offering special content to convert some fans to dolphins (regular paying customers) and others to whales (super fans willing to pay for premium experiences).

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  1. What’s next in monetization models for the music industry and how can artists benefit from the newest music platforms?
  2. How can artists make money from new concepts such as direct-to-fan engagement and “whales, dolphins, and minnows”?
  3. How can artists build a base of super-fans willing to pay for music ‘experiences’ that involve extra content, live events, or other benefits above downloads?
  4. How can artists adopt some of gaming’s most successful monetization models, from freemium, to in-app advertising, to add-on purchases, to multiplayer experiences?
  5. Which music distribution and monetization startups are attracting funding and why?



Hany Nada, founding partner, GGV Capital

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