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SXSW Interactive 2015

Entrepreneurial CEOs & Software Dev Best Practices

The once grassroots movements in software development are now the lifeblood of the most innovative and successful companies around the world. The terms DevOps, Agile, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are much more than best practice methodologies when talking about how organizations keep up with the pace of innovation by delivering better software faster – in fact, these principles can aid in the transformation and cultural evolution of businesses worldwide. By applying these practices to other areas of business operations (beyond software development), companies and leadership teams move out of their basic resting place to create new ways of thinking and therefore, new ways of doing. If you're a business leader trying to help your company realize greater competitiveness, then find the value in the processes of automation, collaboration, making many incremental changes (not a few drastic ones), reusing what you already have (as opposed to needing something new) and more.

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  1. How does software development compare to entrepreneurship and what best practices can a CEO take and apply to running a lean business?
  2. How and why did software development best practice methodologies come about and how did this once grassroots movement turn into the enterprise mainstay it is today?
  3. Can you explain some of the most widely used software development methods used today and the industries for which they are used?
  4. Explain the value associated with collaboration and how hard is it to break down silos within an organization to achieve bigger and better things? What experiences can you draw upon to further emphasize your rationale?
  5. If I am thinking of starting a business or if I am already a CEO of a business, how can the best practices in software development lead to new ways of thinking for risk aversion, corporate infrastructure challenges and product lifecycle management issues in regards to scaling a business?



Jeremy Douglas, Account Executive, Catapult PR-IR

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