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SXSW Music 2015

Indie Revenue Streams Breaking Through: Real Data

Check the pulse of how independent artists and labels are generating revenue in the music industry with leaders in very different roles: DIY distributor, advocacy and educational organization and music business analyst. Find out which traditional revenue streams are holding their own and which are in decline. Understand emerging revenue streams and how to get started with firing them up. See where streaming revenue has come so far and where it is projected to go. Find out some unexpected and underreported trends in music revenue. All backed up with real data.

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  1. What are the primary streams of revenue that musicians have reported receiving in a nationwide survey?
  2. What are the revenue types by category according to a large independent distributor, overall, and for top sellers?
  3. How far have streaming revenues come so far, where will they be in 5-10 years, and what will get them there? How does it differ for major label artists versus indies?
  4. What are some unexpected growth areas?
  5. Now that you have seen these numbers, where should you focus your time to leverage a more diverse set of revenue opportunities?



Tracy Maddux, CEO, CD Baby

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