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SXSW Interactive 2015

#FeelingBeautiful: Social Media & Women's Egos

The amount of time we spend on social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat has a direct effect on how we see ourselves as women. The pressure to post images showing off thin thighs, perfect skin and sexy poses is not just on teenagers! Recent studies have linked plastic surgery requests and eating disorders to social media habits. Thankfully, there is another side – a side of positivity that embraces all shapes, sizes, ages, and races of women as beautiful. From John Legend’s “You & I” video to the grass-roots #NoFilterProject campaign, smart brands, personalities, and hashtags are becoming a call to arms for loving who you are and feeling naturally beautiful. InStyle's Digital Executive Editor Angela Matusik will host a panel that looks at these movements and whether or not their messages are getting through. The conversation will include lifestyle expert and author Katherine Schwarzenegger, and plus-size fashion blogger Gabbi Fresh.

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  1. How does social media shape the way we see ourselves everyday? We'll look at recent studies and trends and reveal what we have heard from our own audiences.
  2. What have been the most successful social media campaigns around all women beauty? From Dove's Real Beauty campaigns to the #NoFilter Project, we look at which ones have worked and why.
  3. Does it dilute the message if there is a big brand behind the social good campaign? Some of the most powerful positivity campaigns have been from companies who earn revenue selling products to women.
  4. Who are the new body image heroes today? From Laverne Cox to Meghan Trainor, we salute the new role models that are breaking down beauty stereotypes and challenging us to embrace our own differences.
  5. How can we turn our own social media streams into ego-boosts for our followers? We'll end the session with five actionable steps that every person can take to help embrace all varieties of beauty in his or her everyday social media habits.



Angela Matusik, Executive Editor, Digital, InStyle

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