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SXSW Interactive 2015

How 140 Characters Can Empower Customers

Have you ever decided not to go to a restaurant because you read a negative Yelp review? Or went to a store because your Facebook friend found the employees helpful? With social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Yelp readily available on mobile devices, everyone can easily promote their personal customer experiences to others and ultimately influence their social network’s future interactions with a brand. We are all publishers, and poor experience at a store or a positive encounter with a customer service specialist over the phone can spread to thousands of potential customers through hashtags,140 characters and photos. Join public relations pro and author of Nice Companies Finish First, Peter Shankman, as he leads a panel with executives of international retailers to discuss how customer use of social media impacts brands, and how companies can build lasting customer relationships through these platforms.

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  1. Does a positive tweet or Facebook comment from a customer benefit a company like an ad or marketing campaign? Likewise, how does a negative tweet or Facebook comment from a customer effect a company compared to an ad or marketing initiative?
  2. How can companies effectively build long lasting relationships with customers through social media?
  3. What are the top customer service mistakes companies make on their social media accounts?
  4. What are simple tips companies can follow to interact with customer complaints and praises through social media?
  5. How should companies modify their marketing campaigns to include customer service initiatives on social media?



Cara Morgan, Senior Account Executive, Frank PR

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