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SXSW Interactive 2015

Cause Video & the Race to Measure Emotional Impact

This four-hour, interactive workshop led by NYU Cause Video Lab Founder and Digital Media Professor Marcia Stepanek and USA Today's "Talking Tech" Columnist Jefferson Graham will explore best practices in the evolution of short-form video as a critical tool for conveying urgency, proof, and relevancy for social good—and explore new efforts by media companies, causes and activists to score video stories on whether they move people to action.

This hands-on session—part screening, part lecture and part video-making—will demonstrate some of the newest ways to measure video impact and build cross-sector support that can endure from one campaign to the next. Attendees will gain working knowledge of the 10 types of cause videos being used most successfully in the social good sector today, and discover which types are best for creating specific outcomes. Attendees will crowd-shoot and edit a micro-video during the last half of the workshop, to apply first-half takeaways.

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  1. What are the latest developments in efforts to measure the emotional impact of a cause video and how do they work?
  2. What is involved in creating a highly motivating video mission statement and what are some of the most impactful and effective cause videos in the sector today?
  3. How can video and social media work together most successfully to both measure the impact of a video and insure widespread distribution?
  4. How can I (or anyone on my staff) make short, inexpensive and effective cause videos, in a few hours, using a smartphone and simple editing apps?
  5. What does it mean for a social good organization to be "video literate" and what makes cause video the "best PR" for the buck in the giving sector today?



Marcia Stepanek, New Media Director/Faculty, New York University

Meta Information:

  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Workshop
  • Track: Non-Profit and Activism
  • Track 2
  • Level: Intermediate
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