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SXSW Music 2013

Brands Are Music Fans Too, Not Just Pots Of Cash

As brands have an increasingly prominent presence in music activity, we look at how partnerships succeed and fail.

There was a time when artists working with brands was seen as a sell out. And to be fair, many of the early sponsorship deals were badly planned and executed – Duffy and Diet Coke anyone?

Promoters too, have not always managed to marry live music with brands in a way that works for the artist and the audience.

Often, brands would identify a music property, partner up and then expect the property to make concession and changes to fit with the brand requirements.

Essentially, they wanted to change what worked in the first place.

But, over time, music and brands have learnt to work more closely without compromising their integrity.

And many partnerships now deliver outstanding value for the brand, the band and the fan.

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  1. Surely if an artist or promoter was any good, they wouldn't need money from a brand?
  2. What do brands give artists and promoters beyond just cash then?
  3. Do artists and promoters ever get anything out of a partnership beyond free product?
  4. Don't fans look at artists differently if they've partnered with a brand - don't they think they have sold out?
  5. Do these partnerships allow fans to get closer to artists?



Joe Edwards, Director, I Like The Sound Of That

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