SXSW Interactive 2015

Side Projects: Stop Talking, Start Making!


Oskar and Per are two award winning digital creative directors from Sweden with experience from some of the world’s most prominent digital agencies (R/GA, Farfar, Perfect Fools, Great Works, Blast Radius etc).

They have been friends for many years but never actually worked together at the same agency. But after one night of many beers they decided to team up to build a stupid website together. Just for fun. The project unexpectedly became a huge hit and since then they have created many projects and it has been very rewarding and a whole lot of fun.

This session will talk about how amazing it can be to work on side projects and how it can help boost your career. It will also guide you on how to get started, launch projects and get traction for them. But most importantly it will push you to get off your butt and start making stuff. Just because it’s fun. The Internet will reward you.

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  1. Why you should stop being mad at clients for not buying your "brilliant" ideas. The only one actually stopping you from working on fun projects is yourself.
  2. Why an idea is not worth anything until you act on it. If you don’t, someone else will. Believe us.
  3. How do you get a project up and running? With today’s amazing tools, any monkey can build a website. Yes, that means you too.
  4. Why side projects are great for your creativity and can also help boost your career.
  5. Why you should put aside all pressure, barriers or thoughts on how to make money. Just start making stuff because it’s fun. The Internet will reward you.



Per Stenius, Head of Digital, McCann Stockholm

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