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Growing a Business in a Submerged Economy (Greece)

The Greek economy was one of the hottest global news topics of the past year. While international media sparked constant fears of the Euro fallout, local residents faced the instability of transitioning governments and unemployment surpassing 22% (50% for youths under 25!). Despite these staggering statistics, the recession was actually a source of opportunity for several young Greek entrepreneurs and companies, including ours - Daily Secret, the world’s smallest and fastest growing multinational digital media company. Started as a goodwill email to spread our love for Athens, Daily Secret has grown to over 300k members across 4 continents in just over a year. We will discuss how the economic crisis inspired us to capitalize on the economic turmoil while simultaneously benefitting the Greek community. We’ll also talk about how the techniques and strategies we use are relevant to succeed in other struggling economies around the world.

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Nikos Kakavoulis, CEO, Co-Founder, Daily Secret

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