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SXSW Interactive 2015

GT2035: How Might US Intel Think About the Future?

In December 2016, the US President-elect will receive Global Trends 2035, the sixth edition in the National Intelligence Council’s (NIC) series aimed at providing a framework for thinking about the future. Global Trends shapes strategic conversations within and beyond the US Government. Given its global reach and an increasingly complex world, the NIC is diversifying the range of voices it consults.

The future-oriented audiences at SXSW are perfect for helping the NIC think—and think differently—about the future. The NIC proposes hosting with UC Berkeley’s Steve Weber a half-day, four hour long Workshop where SXSW participants suggest and discuss key trends, uncertainties, and discontinuities relevant to societies and governments. For instance, will power diffuse or concentrate in the future? To what extent will further advances in communications technology transform societies and the relationship between citizens and governments? How will automation and robotics impact human employment and economies?

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  1. Which key trends are likely to be most influential in shaping society, the economy, and politics worldwide through 2035?
  2. Which currently unresolved questions or uncertainties regarding society, economy, and politics are likely to be most game-changing through 2035?
  3. How will advances in technology further change the relationship relationship among individuals, and between individuals and governments?
  4. Which issues concerning the future are you most hopeful or fearful about? Perhaps as sources of or obstacles to wellbeing, peace, and innovation?
  5. Which false or misleading assumptions do you think governments typically make with respect to the future or global complexity and change? And how can governments more effectively use distributed knowledge and insights from outside the government, to make better decisions going forward?



Suzanne Fry, Director, Strategic Futures Group, National Intelligence Council, Office of the Director of National Intelligence

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